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 Welcome to Hailey Physical Therapy owned by Mary Hogan, PT . Mary has practiced physical therapy in the Wood River Valley and Hailey since 1992. She opened her private practice December, 2000.
     Mary has a broad background in physical therapy including hospital acute care, outpatient, rehabilitation, school district, skilled nursing facilities and home health. Her speciality and focus has been out patient orthopedics.

Mary's Mission:
     As a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) since 1988, Mary is bound by the APTA’s code of ethics. She is committed to provide competent and compassionate care . She has stayed current in continuing education courses and has completed over 60 courses.
     She provides an individualized one on one treatment to the patient. She has integrated treatment techniques providing an eclectic approach.
     She dedicates the best possible care within her scope of practice with the goal to maximize the patient’s function and help the patient become active in restoring their health and independence.

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